Eric Walla

Sales, Quixant, US – Las Vegas “Quixant, for me has been the first company that truly feels like family. Many companies desire this but are not actually committed to the personal investment. Quixant has demonstrated a top-down approach by valuing the individual which makes it a great place to call home.”

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Deepa Pandurangi

Data Analysis, Nexteq, UK “As a Data Analyst in the Group Technology Services Team of Nexteq, I have been a part of a team with diverse technical backgrounds and work experiences. The work culture has been very stimulating, collaborative and engaging. My interactions with colleagues from different regions have helped me understand market specific business processes. This in turn has helped me analyse and visualize their business data and help the teams to take data informed decisions.”

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May Yu

Quality Assurance, Nexteq, Taiwan “Nexteq is full of opportunities and possibilities, and pays a great attention to employee health and growth. I have access to lots of training courses, not only helping me to grow in my career but also develops my soft-skills. Nexteq is like a big family and I have enjoyed the satisfaction of overcoming challenges together.”

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Evan Huang

Hardware Engineering, Densitron, Taiwan “Nexteq is a diverse and multicultural workplace, filled with professionals from various backgrounds. I joined this business to experience this unique atmosphere and expand my knowledge. I am proud to be part of this company.”

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Luca Bonelli

Software Engineering, Quixant, Italy “I feel lucky, I have many years of experience in embedded software, moving from large to medium-sized companies and I am now very happy to be part of Quixant. This company is fantastic, multicultural, with that pinch of madness that distinguishes it from a thousand of others. All the people I met have always given me positivity and a lot of professionalism. Tangible proof of all this enthusiasm? I have worked here for five years, loving what I do and the most important aspects, me, my family and my colleagues haven’t even noticed it. Time flies when you are having fun.”

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